Today’s armed forces face threats ranging from chemical weapons attacks to improvised explosives devices creating a critical need for a reliable, portable, sensitive chemical detector. The 1st Detect Miniature Chemical Detector provides the war fighter with a single instrument that is capable of detecting a wide range of known and emerging threats on the battlefield, while minimizing false alarms. Because of its advanced mass spectrometer technology, new threats can be learned as they emerge with no changes to the hardware. The portability, accuracy and speed of 1st Detect allows for early, in field detection of potentially lethal chemical agents or explosives saving countless lives of military men and women. The broadband detection capability of the 1st Detect means that explosives, toxic chemicals, and contraband could all be detected simultaneously, providing the military with one tool for many needs, significantly reducing the logistical load on the joint forces.

Applications Include

  • Detection and identification of chemical agents
  • Post blast attribution and forensics
  • Portal and access point security






App Notes

MMS 1000
OEM 1000