Living within the post 9/11 world of terrorism, there is an urgent need for accurate, portable and handheld systems that can detect chemical warfare agents, illegal drugs, toxic industrial chemicals, and explosives. The 1st Detect Miniature Chemical Detector fills this need, with no compromise on cost or portability, as a versatile tool for any security application. From cargo and passenger screening at the airport to drug and explosives detection at border inspections, the core mass spectrometer technology enables users to detect a wide range of dangerous substances with a single, portable instrument. The small size means that samples can be analyzed in real time and on-site, eliminating the need for time consuming and expensive laboratory analysis. The portability and simplicity of the design of 1st Detect allows for deployment by law enforcement, emergency responders, security screeners, and HAZMAT teams with minimal training and high reliability. Operator intervention and decision making requirements are minimized due to the high precision analysis and MSn capability.

Applications Include

  • Aviation checkpoint and baggage screening
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Border screening and facility access security
  • Fuel and product marking






App Notes

MMS 1000
OEM 1000