Conductor Software

The MMS-1000â„¢ software package includes the Conductorâ„¢ software interface for instrument operation and development of unique experimental methods. Conductor will run on an external computer or the optional internal touchscreen computer. Conductor has been designed with the sophisticated user in mind. In addition to conventional mass spectrometer controls, Conductor also provides advanced controls including:

  • Live data displays
  • Spectral optimization (filtering, averaging)
  • Integrated data collection, manipulation, and processing package
  • Drift correction
  • File conversion utilities (mzXML, mzML, csv)
  • Active live diagnostics
  • System tuning and automated mass calibration (with internal standard)

For optimal operation, Conductor also allows direct user control of operating parameters such as:

  • Ionizer current and acceleration voltage
  • Custom ramp profile and method development
  • Programmable mass range and scan rate
  • Inlet temperature control

Conductor can also be operated in an advanced user mode to allow custom script, ramp profile, and control of higher level parameters such as operating frequency and detector voltage.