Cylindrical Ion Trap

1st Detect Corporation has developed a revolutionary chemical detector based on an ion trap mass spectrometer. 1st Detect’s proprietary ion trap technology leverages technology from the space program which allows for the device’s portability, versatility, sensitivity, durability, high speed and low cost.
In an ion trap mass spectrometer, ions are contained within a defined location (the ‘trap’) by the use of RF electric fields. Ions are then sequentially ejected by adjusting this field in a controlled manner and a mass spectrum is generated by measuring these ejected ions with a detector. The resulting mass spectrum provides a unique identifier or ‘fingerprint’ that allows the 1st Detect ion trap to unambiguously detect and identify a wide variety of chemicals.

The advantages of cylindrical ion trap technology are:

  • MS/MS (MSn) operation without the need for additional hardware
  • Resolution and mass range can be maintained with a miniature mass analyzer (not length dependent)
  • Ease of manufacturing allows lower cost production
  • Higher pressure operation allows the use of smaller sized pumps without affecting performance