Mass spectrometry is a much more powerful technology than what is being used today.  Mass-specs like the TRACER 1000™ ETD are very exact and specific which takes trace detection into a whole new level of passenger protection.  To manage the massive amount of real-time data being generated by thousands of ETDs, the companies Software & Services offerings were developed.  The following describes each of these offerings:

TRACE-ALERT™ is the primary user interface between the instrument and the operator

  • User interface to the TRACER1000™
  • Simple touch screen controls
  • Eliminates the need for highly trained operators
  • Intuitive workflow closely follows current CONOPS requiring little to no operator training
  • Responds to each test sample with a simple pass/fail
  • Displays the probability of detection for each positive alarm 

TRACE-NET™ is a network software interface that communicates with a small or large network of TRACER 1000™ instruments.

  •  Networks TRACER 1000™ units together aggregating sample data
  •  Distributes all library updates
  •  Monitors and records instrument detection performance
  •  Distributes all alerts to supervisors via VPN and smartphones
  •  Measures employee efficiency as a training aid

TRACE-LIBRARY™ can hold thousands of unique threat compounds including those authorized by the various airway authorities.  This library can be instantly updated at any time with new threats or custom targets including narcotics

  • Contains the mass spectra for each threat compound.
  •  Instantly updates for explosives, narcotics or CWAs.
  •  Able to accommodate virtually unlimited threat compounds.
  •  Used by TRACE-AI to query and dynamically optimize detection.

TRACE-AI™ processes ETD data from single and networked instruments to form various layers of artificial intelligence with a wide range of capabilities including regionally adjusted probabilities of detection to sophisticated trend analysis used in training.

  •  Artificial Intelligence reports threat probabilities on all positive samples.
  •  Dynamically updates detection algorithms.
  •  Multi-point component identification and threat probability reports.
  •  Performs instrument auto-tuning and calibrations.

TRACE-CARE™ is a service that monitors the performance and condition of each TRACER 1000™ and then dynamically generates maintenance schedules to ensure 100% uptime with the least cost.

  • Schedules multi-unit maintenance plan maximizing up-time.
  • Automatically sends maintenance reminders to assigned personnel.
  • Reports on instrument operational performance.
  • Remote access is available to identify and solve problems.