Airport security has become a highly sophisticated industry that must continually evolve to stay ahead of the ever-changing terrorist threats.  The currently deployed Explosive Trace Detectors (ETDs) are based on a technology (IMS) that has become obsolete and a more capable solution is now required to keep passengers and the airways safe.

The 1ST Detect TRACER technology is the most advanced ETD technology available today.  The TRACER 1000™ represents a breakthrough in engineering/science and is the first mass spectrometer that has been certified as a passenger, baggage and cargo ETD.  The TRACER 1000™ has passed the rigorous European Civil Aviation Conference (or ECAC) testing and is now certified to be sold to airports throughout Europe.  ECAC is respected throughout the world where most of Asia and the Middle East also follow the guidance of this important certification.

The TRACER 1000™ has been designed to replace all of the currently deployed ETDs over the next few years by providing unparalleled performance while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.


  • Detection and identification of chemical agents
  • Post blast attribution and forensics
  • Portal and access point security
  • Aviation checkpoint and baggage screening
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Border screening and facility access security
  • Fuel and product marking